Sonish Awal about one report

Bhaktapur, Nepal – Rashmila Awal changes baby Sonish’s clothes after giving him an early morning oil massage, just as she did a year ago, shortly before her house crumbled, burying her then five-month-old son beneath it.

“Mum had just left to do some errands, and I ran away as soon as I felt the tremor,” remembers Rashmila’s 11-year-old daughter, Soniya. She quickly returned to the upper floor to pick up Sonish, but was struck and left unconscious as her baby brother was trapped beneath a cupboard.

A few hours later, Soniya was rescued, but it was 22 hours before Sonish was pulled from the rubble with little more than a couple of scratches. Now, a scar on his thigh is the only physical reminder of what he endured.


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